Ada2020, a SME Instrument project funded by the European Commission

Ada has developed a software that provides a unique visual reasoning support for medical professionals during the diagnosis process.

The award-winning user-interface of Ada provides to physicians all the relevant information visible at a glance, facilitating their interpretation of the patients – as a whole. It enables the doctor to take the most reliable and informed decision. After three years of fundamental research in new reasoning technologies, Ada is now able to capture knowledge from medical experts, transform it into a medical reasoning engine and deliver it directly to the point-of-care in a patient-specific manner.

Our Goals:

1. Avoid Misdiagnosis

Misdiagnosis and excessive examinations occurs in particular during the treatment of serious illnesses, such as cancer and rare diseases.

2. Document the Process

The daily practice routine is supported by an intuitive, intelligent and visual diagnostic tool.

3. Support Decision-Making

8 out of 10 general practitioners worry about missing a serious condition in a patient due to their workload.


Reducing the number of misdiagnoses and wrong treatments can help to reduce personal suffering of the patients and healthcare costs simultaneously.

A study revealed that misdiagnoses and wrong treatments in the field of vertigo diseases cost about 1 Billion EUR per year in Germany. According to a recent study on the Healthcare decision support field (WinterGreen research – 2013), wrong test and test that are not useful in a particular situation, account for 30% of the costs of the healthcare delivery in the US. Three user targeted products will be set up, addressing three market segments: GP-Service, Expert-Service, Prevention-Service.

Henry Hoffmann Head of Research
Head of ResearchHenry Hoffmann
Head of ResearchHenry Hoffmann

Henry leads Ada’s research team. The native Berliner spearheads algorithm development, modeling proprietary languages and developing novel approaches to knowledge representation. Henry studied computer engineering at the Technical University of Berlin and has since developed several artificial intelligence technologies.

Dr. Martin Hirsch Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer
Co-founder & Chief Scientific OfficerDr. Martin Hirsch
Co-founder & Chief Scientific OfficerDr. Martin Hirsch

Martin has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and a Diploma in Physiology. A medical researcher turned serial entrepreneur; Martin shifted from theory to innovation after publishing his work on nerve modeling in the scientific journal Nature. His first venture was a nerve modeling program that saved thousands of animals from lab testing. He developed the first version of Ada for doctors and continues to shape the way Ada learns today. Martin is a grandson of the celebrated Nobel Laureate Werner Heisenberg.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 674459 (SME Instrument).