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Why outdoor ads ‘gut tun’

One of Ada’s new #tellAda outdoor ads.
One of Ada’s new #tellAda outdoor ads.

Our colorful #tellAda ads have been stopping Berliners in their tracks as they wait in the city’s chilly U-Bahn stations. Ada’s Head of Marketing, Marvin Rottenberg, explains why we took ads offline and what makes them sehr Berlin.

Why did you decide to do outdoor advertising for Ada?

My main goals are to increase Ada’s user base and brand awareness. Traditionally, companies took their advertising offline— via TV or print — before gradually shifting their efforts online. As Ada can only be accessed online through a smartphone, we started to create awareness using solely digital channels.

However, our mission is to give everyone in the world access to personalized, high-quality health information and care. While many people own a smartphone, not many think of using it the moment they feel unwell. Most are lying in bed, on the couch, or on their way to the doctor’s waiting room.

What was the inspiration behind #tellAda?

#tellAda is an active hashtag to tell people what they can do if they are worried about their health or feel under the weather. Since your smartphone is with you most of the time, Ada can feel like the first port of call if you’re worried about your symptoms, trying to find trustworthy information about what your symptoms may mean online, or waiting several days for an appointment with a human medical expert.

#tellAda is a reminder that Ada is always here for you, always has enough time for your health concerns, and isn’t restricted by waiting lists or opening hours. You don’t need to make an appointment, commute far distances or panic through worrisome online articles and forums. Just download the app, #tellAda, and get personalized advice and some peace of mind.

What makes these ads quintessentially Berlin?

We are headquartered in Berlin so we wanted to do something that would resonate with the heart of this amazing city, while maintaining the context of health awareness. For example, ‘Männergrippe?’, or ‘man flu’, speaks to Berlin men who may be wondering whether they caught the recent bout of flu spreading through the city, or if they just have a common cold.

Similarly, the ‘Blau oder Kater?’ ad translates directly to ‘drunk or hungover?’. Berliners will know this is also a reference to one of the city’s famous clubs— a venue responsible for many moments of drunkenness and hangovers.

One of Ada’s new #tellAda outdoor ads.