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Ada’s approach to data privacy

Ensuring the highest levels of privacy and security for our users is absolutely fundamental to how we develop our technology, products and manage our business. It is a core principle upon which Ada was founded.

We were disappointed to see that some very inaccurate and misleading reports have been published about how the Ada app handles data. For the avoidance of any doubt - no third parties have access to personal health information without a user’s expressed permission. Despite our best efforts to engage the authors of this article in good faith, these reports contain accusations that are inaccurate and false. This demonstrates that there are clear misunderstandings for how mobile-based applications function and there is a need for more education around how these types of services work. We will be following up specifically to highlight the inaccuracies and engage in further dialogue on this topic.

Users can be confident that the personal health information that they share with the Ada app is confidential.

We are compliant to the highest regulatory standards including GDPR, HIPAA and are a CE Marked Class 1 Medical Device. We’ve also done our own proactive due diligence to ensure the data of our users is protected.

This topic is of extreme importance to our team, our users and the other partners who collaborate with us. We will continue to work openly alongside key partners, regulators and the industry to help increase the transparency and understanding around this critical topic while continually evolving our services so all people can confidently continue to receive the often critical help and advice that only solutions like Ada can provide.

To help ensure the absolute confidence of our users, Ada has and will continue to evolve our processes to ensure there is no misunderstanding about how and why our services work the way they do.


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