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Inspiring the health tech pioneers of tomorrow: An update from Dr. Martin Hirsch

At Ada, we are pursuing a number of ambitious global health goals. Medicine is becoming increasingly complex, and we are committed to empowering individuals by making the most sophisticated medical knowledge understandable and accessible to everyone worldwide via smartphones. Our aim is to provide a high-quality medical tool that is easy to use no matter who you are or where you are, making personalized health accessible for all.

This is no minor undertaking – and is a task that no company or research institution can take on alone. If we are going to make our vision a reality, we need to collaborate with partners across the industry.

As Chief Scientific Officer at Ada, it has been my job since the very beginning to apply a scientific lens to our work. I have always believed that science and entrepreneurship can, and must, complement one another. Time and time again, cross-pollination between the two has been the starting point for major innovative leaps, and groundbreaking successes.

When I was offered a new role at the University of Marburg, not only was I deeply honored, but I also saw a unique opportunity to combine the best of both worlds. It is therefore with great respect, and even greater pleasure, that I have chosen to accept a professorship at the university. As Head of the university’s ‘Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine’, I am delighted to be taking an active role in shaping and promoting the support of both doctors and patients through AI.

At Ada, I will be switching to a new role as Founder and Chief Scientific Advisor, focusing more on strategic advisory tasks.

At the University of Marburg, I will be contributing to the establishment of the interdisciplinary “Center for Digital Medicine”, preparing students to work with artificial intelligence, as well as working with clinicians at the university hospital to develop tools that support doctors in complex situations.

It is clear to me that artificial intelligence is opening a new chapter in medicine. If we get it right, it will pave the way for the democratization and personalization of medical knowledge, whereby the immense volume of global medical knowledge will be made accessible and actionable for every doctor and patient across the world.

I will continue to work toward this vision with the same dedication and optimism at the University of Marburg as I do in my role at Ada.


Martin Hirsch, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer
Dr. Martin Hirsch

Martin is Ada’s Chief Scientific Advisor and one of our co-founders.