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It’s personal: Ada stories behind our Global Health Initiative

“Almost 4 billion people, or half the world’s population, lack access to basic healthcare.” Statistics are powerful, but such staggering numbers can make it easy to forget they represent individual lives. The statistics don’t tell the story of social, financial and geographic barriers to healthcare that are a daily reality for vulnerable populations living in under-resourced low and middle income countries (LMICs).

Our Global Health Initiative exists to create a groundswell of impact through the scalability of Ada’s AI and will ultimately help us tell stories with different statistics, such as ‘hundreds of community health workers armed with AI decision-support tools’, ‘1 million Tanzanian adolescents empowered with Swahili-fluent personal health guide’, and ‘thousands of guardians create family health profiles in East Africa’.

However, at the outset of our journey towards healthier statistics and happier stories, we asked our CEO, Daniel Nathrath, and GHI Managing Director, Hila Azadzoy, to share why they introduced this initiative and how Ada can help tackle the global healthcare challenge.

Decades ago, when 10-year-old Daniel visited his mother’s rural South Korean hometown for the first time, deficient basic health infrastructure made quite a strong impression that is still fresh in his mind today.

“I saw what looked like a lack of sanitation to me. For instance, in many houses, toilets were holes in the ground. In a rural area like this, it seemed unthinkable to have anything even close to the healthcare access that we had in Germany at the time.”

On a second trip just six years later, he witnessed a dramatic transformation. The area was as well-equipped as his Berlin home is today.

“I realized significant change for the better is possible. This type of change can happen in healthcare today, on a global scale, and it can be very rapid thanks to the power of technology like Ada’s AI.”

The experience of living in Germany and having a family background from a country with less consistent access to healthcare also inspires Hila’s work on the Global Health Initiative.

“As a German citizen with a family background in Afghanistan, I’ve always been acutely aware of the dramatic difference in healthcare infrastructure between countries.”

An entrepreneur dedicated to using technology for social good, Hila has shifted from finding digital solutions to education barriers for refugees to applying Ada’s AI in LMICs. She sees access to education and healthcare as the foundation of a life where everyone can reach their full potential.

“AI has the power to truly equalize access to healthcare on a global scale through a rapid transformation of primary healthcare delivery, which is what we are doing with Ada’s Global Health Initiative.”

Would you like to join our initiative to equalize healthcare? Please email Hila at globalhealth@ada.com.


Celia Brightwell

Celia is Ada's Marketing Content Lead.