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Who is responsible for the treatment service?

We do not offer treatment services. Ada’s AI-powered medical knowledge database determines possible causes of your symptoms. Through partnerships in some parts of the world, selected care providers can offer Ada as an entry point to connect their patients with care options. When available, these partner providers and their medical doctors are responsible for the diagnoses, prescriptions, medical certificates, and all other medical services that patients receive. The provision of these services is at the discretion of those providers and their doctors. 

Ada’s symptom assessment can be integrated into partners’ digital channels, such as websites, apps, and user portals. In case Ada is partnered with another provider to offer further care options, the experience is distinctly branded to indicate who is responsible for what services and what data is held by which parties.

Remember: Ada is not intended to replace a doctor and you should always consult a medical professional when seeking a diagnosis, treatment, or medical advice. 

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