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Take care of yourself with Ada. Your health management app.

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Ada was created by doctors so you can:

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    Understand your symptoms
    With our free symptom checker, built on AI and clinical evidence

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    Manage your health
    With our symptom tracker and the latest medical information

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    Find the care you need
    With care options based on your unique symptoms and health profile

Get started in 5 simple steps

  1. Download Ada.
  2. Take around 5 minutes to use our symptom checker.
  3. Learn about the conditions Ada suggests.
  4. Read trusted medical guidance.
  5. Find out what to do next.
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    Clinical studies show Ada is the most accurate symptom checker app.

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    We protect your data in accordance with the highest data protection standards. Your data. Your decisions.

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    Ada is one of the most popular symptom checker apps. Rated 4.75/5 on Android and 4.8/5 on iOS.

Award-winning technology

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3 in 1 symptom checker

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    Take care of your loved ones with separate symptom checker profiles.

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    Explore human health with our doctors’ Condition Library.

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    Monitor changes in your health with the symptom tracker.

  • 13 millionusers

  • 30 millionsymptom assessments completed

  • 350,0005-star ratings

  • 7product languages

  • 50in-house medical experts

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For better health

I was skeptical while downloading it, but I answered Ada's questions honestly, and was given a rather accurate assessment which I took to my specialist, and we're now treating a condition that can be monitored easily.

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