How to take your test

If you are not used to taking blood or urine samples, don't worry. It's simple.

Let's go through it together.

Don’t forget, you will need to collect your sample on a workweek morning and return it with UPS on the same day. Delivery won’t cost you a cent with the prepaid shipping envelope.

What happens after you’ve sent your sample?

  • 1. Sit tight while your sample is analyzed

    Our laboratory partners, LetsGetChecked, will analyze your sample quickly and anonymously in their CLIA-certified labs. Your results should be available within 2-5 business days.

  • 2. Receive your results

    We’ll notify you via email when your results are available in the Ada app. You can view them by tapping “View results” on the app home screen, or by accessing the “Tests” section in your profile.

  • 3. Explore your health insights

    Tap “Tell me more” to discover what each result means. If you’d like to discuss your results with someone, just tap “Call a nurse.” A nurse will contact you to give you advice if you have any unusual results.


For test-specific instructions on when to take your test, please check the instructions that come with your test kit. To ensure the best results, tests should always be taken on a workweek morning.