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Ada didn’t spot a condition I had that turned out to be serious. How will you address this safety issue?

If you found Ada's results to be incorrect, we encourage you to let us know at hello@ada.com. We work hard to ensure the information you receive from Ada is as helpful and relevant as possible, and your feedback will help us improve Ada for everyone.

We are continuously improving Ada’s medical content and technology, using both internal and external medical review processes. Where questions are raised about a particular assessment, we promptly review the issue and ensure updates are quickly implemented.

However, please remember that Ada is not intended for diagnostic purposes. Ada is designed to help people better understand their health, by providing a range of possible causes for symptoms and information to help people navigate to appropriate care. The information provided is not comprehensive, and your condition may not be included in Ada’s suggestions. Ada is not intended to replace a doctor and you should always consult a medical professional when seeking a diagnosis, treatment or medical advice.

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