Consent to the processing of your personal health data to provide our services

Dated: 13 November 2019

By ticking the box you consent to the processing of the personal health data that you provide when using the app such as gender, date of birth, general data about your health, your symptoms, potential causes of symptoms, allergies, pregnancy status, and related medical history, so that we can provide you with our Service, i.e. an assessment of your personal health data and health advice. Without your consent to the processing of this data it is not possible to use our app as they are necessary inputs required to provide you with our assessment and health advice.

Further purposes for which we use this data include the analysis of case information to guarantee high quality and safety standards of our medical reasoning system and the preparation of anonymous statistics on the geographical distribution of certain disease symptoms and conditions.

For more information on how and for what purposes we will use and process your personal data please refer to our Privacy Policy.