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Frequently asked Questions

Using Ada

  • Select Profiles in Ada’s menu and choose your own name, you will be shown your profile and basic information. From here you can tap Edit this profile to be taken to the editing page where you can edit your basic information (name, sex and age), add your personal information (height and weight) and add your current medications and your allergies.

  • You certainly can! Ada is constantly learning and evolving, and user feedback is critical for this process. If you can’t find your health issue, or if you have any suggestions for changes, improvements or new features then we would love to hear from you! Inside the Settings tab of the menu there is a text box you can use to send us feedback directly.

  • For Ada, the trust of our users is the most important thing. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the safety of your personal information, please get in touch by emailing and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Your personalised Assessment Report

  • The assessment report provided by Ada is not a medical diagnosis. If you require medical advice the best approach is always to consult your doctor or other health care professional first. Our assessments are developed purely for informative purposes in order to help people better understand their health

  • Your personal health data is not stored on your phone. Ada stores personal information securely and encrypted in cloud-based servers that are located in the EU. When you sign up with Ada you are requested to create a password that enables you to get access to the app and your Digital Health Record. Keep this password confidential and don’t share it with anyone to keep your data safe.

  • Your information is stored for as long as you have an active account with Ada. When you delete your account, all your personal information will be deleted too.

  • When you leave the Ada app, you are automatically logged off. Your password prevents others from accessing the app. As no information is stored on the device itself, your information is not accessible to anyone.

  • Ada does not share your data with anyone unless you explicitly tell us to do so.

Ada Doctor Chat

Doctor chat is currently only available to UK residents
  • Still feeling unwell? Connect directly with Ada's network of top doctors through your phone. It's simple, after you've finished your health assessment with Ada, confirm that you'd like to share your report with a qualified doctor for further consultation.

    You can ask the doctor a question, upload photos and include more info via free text, no matter where you are. Our doctors will provide you with next steps advice and direct you to local healthcare services where appropriate.

  • Doing an assessment with Ada is completely free. You can do as many assessments as you wish. If you choose to send an assessment to a doctor for their review and advice the cost is £14.99 per assessment.

    Included in this price you will receive the following services:

    • One of our experienced UK doctors will review your Ada assessment report and questions, along with any further details you choose to share (text or photographs)
    • The doctor may ask you some more questions to help them give you personalised advice via Ada messaging
    • Once they have all the information they need, the doctor will send you their review, which will include information about your symptoms and diagnosis, next steps advice, and a prescription for medicine if appropriate.

    Where appropriate, our doctors may follow up with you a few days after your consultation to check that all is going well and provide additional advice if necessary.

  • You can send your Ada assessment report and question(s) to one of our doctors for any medical concern you may have. The doctor who responds will be an experienced UK GP who will provide further information and medical advice based on the information you have shared with them. Ada Health is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and all of Ada’s doctors are GMC-registered GPs so you can be assured that you will receive a high quality and safe service.

    Ada doctor chat is not an emergency service. If you believe your problem is a medical emergency you should seek advice and care from an emergency service rather than via the Ada Chat service.

    Ada Chat is also not a specialist service. Our doctors are general practitioners. If your problem requires specialist advice or care, the doctor will provide you with further information and advice about accessing relevant specialist services. Alternatively, they may advise that you seek further care from your regular GP or another healthcare professional or service.

  • You can send your personalised health assessment to one of our doctors and they may prescribe medicine for you. Ada Doctor Chat includes the writing of prescriptions when medically appropriate.

    For Your Records: You will receive a copy of your prescription in your Ada timeline and we will also send a copy to the pharmacy of your choice. In most cases you will be able to collect your medications from the pharmacy on the same day, however, this will depend on how quickly they are able to prepare and dispense the medication.

    More Prescription Info: We’ll let you know when your prescription has been received by the pharmacy, but you may wish to call the pharmacy to make sure your medication is ready before going to pick it up.

    *Since this is a private prescription you will need to pay for your medicines when you pick them up. Our doctors should be able to provide an estimated price or price range for the medication when prescribing for you but the exact price you have to pay at the pharmacy may differ from this.

  • You can always chat with our doctors about any medical concern, however, our doctors only offer prescriptions for a range of common problems. If the doctor believes you may need a prescription that is outside the scope of what they can offer they will suggest that you see your own doctor or seek referral to a specialist for further treatment. They will generally advise that you seek treatment advice and prescriptions for long term conditions from your regular doctor.

    Ada doctors can provide prescriptions for a range of common health conditions, including the following:

    • Urinary tract infections
    • Contraceptive and morning after pills
    • Hayfever
    • Common skin conditions such as acne and eczema
    • Skin infections
    • Digestive disorders
    • Sexual health
    • Migraine

    We only provide prescriptions for patients aged 18 years and older.

  • Our doctors are available 7 days a week. We will do our best to answer your questions the same day, however sometimes questions may be answered the next day due to busy periods and the need to prioritize more urgent questions.

  • If you choose to send your report to a doctor, then you are consenting to sharing all the information in your assessment report with the doctor. The doctor will also be able to see your past Ada reports to help them with their review, as well as any other information that you have entered into your Ada profile. We have very strict patient confidentiality processes in place and your information is only made available to those individuals who require access to it in order to provide you with high quality clinical information, advice and care.

    By sharing your assessment, your assessment and the subsequent doctor chat becomes a medical record and we are required by law to retain this record according to the Records Management Code of Practice retention schedule.

  • Your feedback is important to us, as it helps us to improve our service. If you would like to make a complaint, you can do this by selecting “complaint” from the drop down menu in the “contact us form” or by sending an email to

    Complaints should normally be made within 12 months of an incident occurring or of the matter being brought to your attention. You can make a complaint for yourself or on behalf of someone else provided that you have the person’s written permission to do so (unless the person is a child, does not have the mental capacity, the person has died or there is power of attorney in place).

    We will endeavour to respond to your complaint within 3 working days and a decision on how best to resolve your complaint will be taken by the complaints manager in discussion with you.