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How can I change my password?

If you’re having issues logging in or have forgotten your password, you can reset it using the Ada app.

For email-based accounts to reset your password:

  1. Open the Ada app.
  2. Select Log in.
  3. Choose Sign in with email.
  4. Tap I forgot my password. 
  5. Enter your email address.
  6. Select Submit

Ada will send an email with instructions to reset your password to the email address you used to create your Ada account.

If you’re unsuccessful in resetting your password via the app, you may contact Ada support for assistance.

For all other accounts, Ada is not able to provide any assistance with the login process. Any issues with these sign-in methods (Facebook, Google, Apple ID) can only be resolved by their respective providers.

You cannot change the account sign-in method (email, Facebook, Google, Apple ID) after creating an account. To pick a different sign-in method or change an account’s email address, create a new account.

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