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7.1 Do you offer white-labelled solutions or custom interfaces?

Enterprise clients can personalize and configure Ada’s solutions. Fonts, colors, logos, and other visual components within the UI can be tailored to match your brand and ensure our solutions feel like a seamless part of your service. You may also adapt the introductory welcome and legal/privacy/consent content to reflect your local requirements, with approval from Ada. You can also add in feedback questions at the start and end of the assessment to better understand your user’s decision making and the resulting value.

You can entirely configure your care services and how they map to Ada’s assessment advice levels and dispositions. This ensures that you can facilitate the navigation of your users to the most appropriate services at the right time. You can also navigate users to specific services, information, or other support services based on their assessment.

As standard, our solutions retain a small ‘powered by Ada’ logo and link to legal information, as required as a regulated medical device. If you are interested in a more custom UI, wish to remove any reference to Ada, or have a different use case for Ada, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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