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8.2 How does Ada calculate a client’s return on investment (ROI) from our enterprise solutions?

We have developed several ROI drivers that we think Ada can influence in order to help a partner both reduce their costs and generate additional revenue. 

Here are some examples. Relevance depends on partner’s strategic objectives e.g. payor vs provider, and also partner’s use case for implementing Ada:

Reduce costs:

  • Ada can help guide individuals to the right type of care at the right time 
  • This leads to redirection away from high-cost care services (such as emergency care) to lower-cost care services (such as telehealth)
  • Lowers hospital readmission rates 
  • Ada often suggests self-care advice, cutting out unnecessary care costs. 
  • Ada can guide individuals, when clinically appropriate, to the right specialty care for more complex diseases. This avoids unnecessary costs incurred from individuals seeing the wrong specialty/undergoing the wrong investigations initially. 
  • Ada can create engaged individuals that are more likely to read preventative health/wellness content, thereby staying healthier and leading to lower overall healthcare spend. 
  • Ada’s convenience and ease of access mean individuals can take action on health issues earlier leading to lower overall cost to treat illness episodes. 
  • Ada’s highly personalized care navigation offering can guide individuals to tailored health promotion and screening services to improve their overall health.
  • Ada’s aggregated data insights on individuals’ health can help target the right interventions to optimize their health.
  • Individuals can use Ada to identify in-network doctors, clinics, and hospitals leading to lower claims costs and lower out-of-pocket costs.  
  • Individuals can use Ada to assess their symptoms and find the most appropriate care. This will reduce the volume of calls to call centers for these purposes. 
  • Individuals can use Ada to be guided directly to book a doctor/clinic appointment online. This shift towards online appointment booking will reduce costs incurred by phone/in-person bookings. 
  • Increased efficiency in ED/primary care waiting room

Increased revenue:

  • Ada can be integrated into an innovative digital-first offering (for payers and providers) that can be offered at a lower cost. This can help bring on new members that typically cannot afford healthcare services. 
  • Access to Ada will give individuals convenient access to 24/7 care, thereby increasing patient satisfaction rates and increasing retention.
  • Increase patient acquisition - increase the conversion rate of new patients booking thier first-ever appointment
  • Reduce patient leakage - capture patients otherwise being lost to retail clinics 

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