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3.2 How is medical content reviewed and kept up to date?

Our medical content goes through a thorough internal and external review and quality assurance process before deployment in our solutions, including: 

  • A separate team of doctors to those creating the content review it before publishing. 
  • New content is manually tested with a purpose-built tool that allows transparent analysis of behavior and safety.
  • Our team of doctors uses over 5,000 reference cases, to test any content in our medical knowledge and prior to each product update release. 
  • We benchmark Ada against many competitors through a range of research methods.
  • A team of practicing clinicians that work independently of Ada’s Medical Knowledge team create test case scenarios, or ‘vignettes’, to test Ada’s content. These are reviewed before each release to ensure our solutions continually perform at the highest possible clinical level.

We have clinicians dedicated to post-market surveillance in order to monitor our product safety and ensure any issues are swiftly addressed, and provide insights for product improvements. We collect user feedback to continually improve and update our medical content. We analyze the thousands of patient reviews we receive each week both manually and with machine learning in order to identify and prioritize improvements to be made to the medical content engine.

Our enterprise partners’ clinicians also give feedback on our solutions’ performance, patient pathways and following consultation with their users. 

We regularly review and update our content with current best practices and clinical research

See: https://ada.com/medical-quality/ and https://ada.com/team/medical/

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