Improving your experience with Ada: Explaining recent changes to our Privacy Policy

Berlin, London & New York, 13th November 2019 - We developed Ada to help people better understand and manage their health, and today more than 8 million users worldwide use our service and place their trust in us. We’re constantly evolving our services to ensure our products are safe, of the highest medical quality and provide a good experience for our users. As part of this, we’ve updated some functions in the app and our Privacy Policy, which is going live today.

The question of how Ada handles users' data and what we do to ensure its protection is of central importance, and we take this responsibility incredibly seriously. No third parties have access to personal health information. We have legally binding contracts with all of the providers we work with to make sure your data is protected and secure. Data security has always been, and always will be, an essential part of every process at Ada. This is a key part of our commitment to our users, and it’s vitally important to us that our users feel secure when using our services. We’ve updated our systems and privacy policy to provide more transparency and more clearly explain the data we collect and how we use that to provide our services. Some of the key changes we’ve outlined in our privacy policy, which is being launched today and can be viewed in full here:

  • Data we collect and why
  • How we use and process this data, and why
  • Who has access to what data and why
  • How your data is stored and protected

We are fully aware of the importance of privacy and personal health data, and we hope these changes provide more clarity about Ada’s approach to data, and how we use this information to provide the best for our users.

Here you find the updated Privacy Policy.