Consider a healthier career

At Ada, your work could help millions of people, including yourself. Studies show that a higher sense of purpose is linked to a longer, healthier life.ref1

Our team under the microscope

One mission

Every person on earth deserves access to quality healthcare. At Ada, each member of the team brings their unique talents to the table to make that possible. We’re passionate about what we do, and it shows. 

Multiple perspectives

As a team, we represent 54 nationalities and experience with health systems all over the world. Our diversity lets us build solutions that fit the needs of people and health organizations globally.

For better outcomes

In 2011, some of the brightest minds in medicine and computer engineering created a world-first AI health platform. We continue to raise the bar today, with an evidence-based approach that prioritizes medical quality and user experience.

Our values

  • Integrity

    Do the right thing

  • Quality

    Raise the bar

  • Humility

    Seek to learn

  • Purpose

    Make a difference

  • Collaboration

    Succeed as a team

  • Innovation

    Build the future

Improving health starts from the inside

We offer a benefits package designed with your mental and physical health in mind.

Work flexibly

Keep a healthy work-life balance with flexible working hours and locations. You can work from home, office, or a bit of both, and you’ll receive financial support to help set up a home office space.
Research shows a link between your work environment and your health.ref2 ref3

Rungwe Hashim
Localization Manager (Swahili)

Milly Botes
Product Owner

Vanessa Lemarié
Chief Client Officer

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My favorite thing about working at Ada is the breadth and diversity of expertise.

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Meet our Talent Acquisition Team

Ahmet Kivrak
Ahmet Kivrak
Head of Talent Acquisition
Martin Forry
Team Lead Talent Acquisition Tech
Gizem Turan
Gizem Turan
Senior Talent Acquisition Partner
Sara Korycki
Sara Korycki
Senior Talent Acquisition Partner
Aleksandra Adamek
Aleksandra Adamek
Talent Acquisition Partner
Mary Antonova
Mary Antonova
Talent Acquisition Partner
Adelina Bratanova
Adelina Bratanova
Talent Acquisition Coordinator
Melissa Aziz
Melissa Aziz
Talent Acquisition Coordinator

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