Better care needs connected patient journeys

Introducing Health Journeys powered by Ada, where medical quality and intelligence meet. Built to help you ease patient journeys.

With 31 million symptom assessments completed, we help life science companies:

  • Connect patients to the right care sooner
  • Identify and access patient populations
  • Generate insights through near real-time data

We're continually optimizing our explainable AI and medical knowledge in multiple languages to ensure Ada is safe, accurate, and easy to use.

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Our partners include

Sanofi Genzyme

Transforming patient access, autonomy, and experiences

  • condition coverage

    condition coverage1

  • accuracy


  • advice safety

    advice safety, on par with GPs1

  • users say Ada is easy to use

    of users say Ada is easy to use2

  • 13 million Ada app users

    Ada app users

  • 50 million users with access to Ada Enterprise

    users with access to Ada Enterprise

Ada symptom assessmentsIntelligent symptom assessments

Patients' access point to their care journey, available 24/7

  • Provide trusted medical advice that's up to 3x more accurate than others, and safety on par with GPs.1
  • Help patients understand their symptoms and needs, with up to 3x more conditions covered.1
  • Dynamic conversational AI helps patients understand symptoms. 97% of patients agree that Ada is easy to use.2
  • Increase awareness for diseases through custom content and trustworthy information.

Features: Client-branded | 3,600 conditions, inc. rare, pediatric, obstetric, and mental health | 10,000+ symptoms and risk factors | Billions of symptom constellations | Easy web, app, and portal integration | Simplified language | Patient-friendly report | SSO for seamless UX | Bi-weekly optimizations

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Intelligent symptom assessments

Care navigationSmart care navigation

Helps you guide patients to the right care for their needs

  • Guide to appropriate services or self-care with advice safety on par with human triage nurses.3
  • Offer a seamless user experience with a clear path from identification towards awareness for treatment options and possible next steps.
  • Navigate to a custom treatment eligibility screening.

Features: Configurable to your needs and priorities | Integrate with your platforms | Signpost to any appropriate service or resource

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Dynamic conversational AI

care journeysPersonalized care journeys

Orchestrate care journeys to ease patient access to appropriate care

  • Support eligibility screening through tailored eligibility questionnaires.
  • If eligible, guide patient onward towards treatment such as tele-health consult with a healthcare provider for prescription.
  • Ease and speed up access to the appropriate care through e.g. same-day pharmacy pick up or at-home delivery capabilties.

Features: Build custom eligibility screener | Navigate based on eligibility | Guide towards treatment | Telehealth provider integration | Drug delivery capabilities | Allow earlier, more convenient access to appropriate treatment

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tailored eligibility questionnaires

insightsActionable insights

View aggregated anonymized data in near real-time

  • Inform operational decisions, marketing communication, and research and development.
  • Identify trends, risks, gaps in care, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Monitor the impact of marketing activity on engagement and adoption.

Features: Track common symptoms, risks, and conditions | Near real-time insights | Capture patient demographics and care decisions | Advice, disease-specific, service selection, conversion, and satisfaction data

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Track common symptoms, risks, and conditions

Why we prioritize medical quality

What physicians say about Ada's Assess solution:

  • Ada's advice was safe and appropriate

    94% agree that Ada's advice was safe and appropriate4

  • Ada's top suggestions match physician's diagnosis

    83% of Ada's top suggestions match physician's diagnosis4

  • Ada improved rapport with patients

    73% said Ada improved rapport with patients5

  • useful information prior to consultation

    93% agreed Ada provided useful information prior to consultation4

Ada's AI is built for trust:

Dr. Claire Novorol

What our partners say

Connected digital health initiatives are a key step in lower cost, faster, more equitable, and more convenient access to healthcare. [...]. We are excited to be a part of this COVID-19 Care Journey and for its potential to help reach some of the most vulnerable patients across the United States

JoyL Silva, Global, and U.S. Antiviral Franchise Lead, Pfizer

More about Ada

Woman using Ada app

Ada Health and Pfizer collaborate to launch a COVID-19 Care Journey

Launch of a nationwide online COVID-19 Care Journey, operated by Ada, to help connect patients with timely treatment.

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Disclaimer: Ada Assess is not a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional and does not provide a final medical diagnosis.

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