Information security

We developed our technology to be as private and secure as possible. Personal health information shared with Ada is confidential and encrypted. It's never shared without explicit consent.

We're committed to increasing transparency and understanding about how we manage security at Ada.

Our security processes

We follow ‘security by design.’ That means Ada is designed to be secure from the beginning and throughout the product lifecycle.

We separate user details from health information. Each type of data is stored separately in servers within the EU.

Our Global Compliance & Ethics Department helps employees understand and fulfill their security responsibilities.

We manage the physical security of our offices to control access to data.

We regularly attempt to breach our own security to spot and fix any weak points.

External authorities and internal teams regularly audit Ada. This ensures we comply with industry regulations and standards.

We proudly comply with the highest regulatory standards

    European Union General Data Protection Regulation

  • EU-MDR
    Ada Assess, our enterprise product is a Class IIa medical device according to regulation (EU) 2017/745 (EU-MDR)

  • ISO 27001
    Certified with the quality standard for information security

  • ISO 13485
    Certified quality management system

Meet some of the team

Luke Doherty
Luke Doherty
Head of Information Security
Michael Schramm
Michael Schramm
Data Protection Officer
Andrea Akinsete
Andrea Akinsete
Senior Information Security Analyst
Fatih Tahmilci
Fatih Tahmilci
Information Security Analyst
Tarik Kobalas
Tarik Kobalas
Senior Software Security Engineer
Ziyahan Albeniz
Ziyahan Albeniz
Software Security Engineer

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