Ensuring the highest levels of privacy and security for our users is absolutely fundamental to how we develop our technology, products, and manage our business. It is a core principle upon which Ada was founded.

Users can be confident that the personal health information that they share with the Ada app is confidential, securely encrypted, and not shared without their expressed permission.

Here’s how we manage security:

We continuously work openly alongside key partners, regulators, and the industry to help increase the transparency and understanding around how we maintain our security at Ada, which includes:


We follow ‘security by design’, which means Ada implements security from the beginning of the product lifecycle – not afterwards and not as an add-on.


We separate user details from health information and store each type of data separately in servers within the EU.


Our Global Compliance & Ethics Department ensures every Ada employee fulfills their individual security responsibilities.


We manage the physical security of our offices to protect data – from automatic screenlocks on laptops to vaulting doors.


We regularly attempt to breach our own security to spot and fix any weak points.


Ada is audited regularly by external authorities and internal teams to ensure our compliance with regulations and standards.

We are compliant to the highest regulatory standards:

  • ISO 27001

    Certified with the quality standard for information security

  • CE Mark

    Our products are Class I medical devices for the European Economic Area

  • EU-GDPR compliant

    European Union General Data Protection Regulation

  • BiM Badge

    'Bundesverband der Internetmedizin' – German agency for quality management

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