Ada Health announces partnership with AXA OneHealth

  • Ada Health and AXA OneHealth bring digital healthcare solutions to Egypt
  • Ada Health’s full range of medical AI solutions to be integrated in AXA OneHealth’s digital services, improving the healthcare journey for users and supporting clinicians
  • Ada Health will provide a seamless experience between patients and physicians

Berlin & Cairo, 23 September 2021 - Ada Health (“Ada”), the global digital health company focused on improving human health on a global scale, today announces a partnership with AXA OneHealth, an Egypt-based subsidiary of AXA. Ada was selected as a partner to underpin AXA OneHealth’s digital ecosystem in the region and transform their users’ experience.

Integrating Ada’s industry-leading AI-based enterprise solutions provides AXA OneHealth’s users with on-demand access to trustworthy health guidance and help navigate them to the most appropriate care provider within the AXA OneHealth care ecosystem. The partnership further extends Ada’s global presence and position as partner of choice to improve access, efficiency and outcomes using high medical quality AI. 

Ada’s core technology combines high quality medical knowledge and condition coverage with a powerful AI-driven probabilistic reasoning engine. Ada offers users with relevant and safe advice1, empowering them to make more informed healthcare decisions, while helping the existing healthcare landscape to deliver more effective, high quality care. 

Ada’s symptom assessment and care navigation solutions will be deployed in English and Arabic to provide a digital front door to AXA OneHealth’s services. Ada's Handover solution will then integrate into AXA OneHealth's health record system to ensure connected information, improved communication between physicians and patients, and help providers to make more informed care decisions.

AXA OneHealth aims to simplify the healthcare journey of customers. The AXA OneHealth medical centers provide access to advanced diagnostics, laboratory equipment and medical consultations in key specialties, while combining with digital solutions that enable customers access to select medical services without having to visitphysical locations. Thereby bringing customers an affordable, high-quality and seamless patient experience, in markets where access to economical and quality care still remains a challenge for many individuals and families. The partnership is supported by AXA Next, an entity dedicated to accelerating innovation and new services for AXA customers around the world.

Quote: Ada

Daniel Nathrath, CEO and co-founder of Ada, noted that “through our collaborations, Ada aims to improve access to affordable and effective healthcare at a global scale. This partnership with AXA OneHealth is an important step in our rapid global growth and will positively impact the health of many people in Egypt and beyond. In AXA OneHealth, we have found an innovative and reliable partner who shares our goal of bringing quality healthcare to emerging countries and providing a seamless healthcare journey.”

Quote: AXA OneHealth

Hassan El Shabrawishi, Chairman of AXAOneHealth “AXA OneHealth is anchoring itself in the medical industry as a healthcare provider that puts customer wellness and safety above all. We apply this principle across all our service packages, be it on-site in our physical clinics or virtually using state-of-the-art technologies. The Ada partnership is a further step towards AXA OneHealth’s goal to provide accessible and affordable healthcare to all its clients by leveraging the safest, most user-friendly and leading technologies on the market.”

Quote: AXA Next

“AXA Next focuses on accelerating innovation by developing new services and partnerships with cutting-edge players of the healthcare ecosystem globally” explained Jef Van In, CEO of AXA Next and AXA’s Chief Innovation Officer. “Enabled by Ada’s advanced technology, this new solution aims to reinforce the growth and scaling of AXA OneHealth services. This is a very exciting partnership that will provide quality clinical guidance and a better experience for both patients and doctors.”

Notes to editor

About Ada Health

Ada is a global health company founded by doctors, scientists and industry pioneers to create new possibilities for personal health, and transform knowledge into better outcomes. Its core system connects medical knowledge with intelligent technology to help all people actively manage their health and medical professionals to deliver effective care, and the company works with leading health providers, organizations and governments to carry out this vision. The Ada platform has 11 million users worldwide, and has completed 24 million assessments since its global launch in 2016. To learn more, visit

About AXA OneHealth

AXA OneHealth is a subsidiary of AXA Group, a leading global insurance company recognized for its outstanding quality of service; AXA’s ambition as an insurance group, is for customers to be considered partners they can rely on through their life journey, rather than just settling their claims when things go wrong. This is how the Payer-to-Partner strategy came about. As a result of this vision; and out of deep belief that healthcare improvement is key to upgrading the quality of life in developing markets; AXA OneHealth is creating a digital and physical health care ecosystem by launching fully-owned medical centers, linked directly to health insurance services. By combining, in one offer, services that are normally delivered by different providers.

About AXA Next

AXA Next is an ecosystem comprised of 8 units to accelerate innovation driven by the AXA Group’s purpose “to act for human progress by protecting what matters”. Protection has always been at the core of our business by helping individuals, businesses and societies thrive – a role even more crucial in this time of crisis. AXA Next and its 10,000 Nexters serve millions of customers in over 40 countries, generating €3 billion of revenues and rapid growth in key target segments.

  1. Gilbert et al (2020). How accurate are digital symptom assessment apps for suggesting conditions and urgency advice? A clinical vignettes comparison to GPs. BMJ Open.