Ada Health Secures €30 Million to Advance Global Growth

Berlin - 27 June, 2023

Ada Health GmbH (‘Ada’), a global digital health company focused on improving human health at scale, today announces a new financing agreement with IPF Partners - a leading debt financing provider solely dedicated to investments in the healthcare technology sector.

The agreement between Ada and IPF Partners represents up to €30 million of debt borrowing and reinforces Ada’s financial runway through 2024 and beyond as the company steers toward profitability. The funding will enable continued investment in product enhancement and development, user growth, and commercial traction with leading health systems, governments, and life sciences organizations.

Speaking about the agreement, Daniel Nathrath, CEO and co-founder of Ada Health, said, "We’re delighted to have secured this financing from IPF Partners, a strategic investor with a profound understanding of the healthcare industry. Having partners who share Ada’s unwavering faith in our technology and our mission to revolutionize healthcare access and improve outcomes is truly gratifying."

Steven Neftel, Senior Investment Director at IPF Partners, added, “With the ever-increasing pressure on healthcare systems globally, solutions capable of removing inefficiencies in care delivery while increasing access are paramount. Through its market-leading health assessment and care navigation platform, we thus believe Ada can have a transformational impact on healthcare systems, by not only improving access to reliable care but also by directing patients to appropriate care.

"We are particularly excited to partner with Ada’s management team and support the company in expanding its collaborations with leading health systems and care providers globally, while developing new partnerships that increase access to care and innovative treatments.”