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To fight this pandemic, people need convenient and credible COVID-19 information about their symptoms and guidance about whether to stay home or seek care. Our doctors developed the Ada COVID-19 assessment and screener to inform and guide people, helping your teams focus their care on those who need it most.

A more thorough assessment

  1. Establishes relevant medical history
  2. Assesses symptoms and exposure
  3. Identifies risk factors that impact symptom severity
  4. Indicates the likelihood of COVID-19
  5. Suggests safe and sensible next steps

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It's available now. We estimate it will take your developer one hour to integrate. Share your email for immediate access to the embeddable code here. We may email you to ensure it’s a success.

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Care options

We can connect users directly to your clinical and digital care options.

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A unique solution for a global challenge

  • Developed by Dr. Andreas Gilsdorf, our Director of Epidemiology & Public Health and a former infectious disease specialist at the WHO, and our team of medical experts

  • Built and continuously updated on evolving COVID-19 clinical guidelines from the WHO, the CDC, and six health ministries

  • Thorough question flow that assesses risk and symptom severity

  • Simple integration estimated to take your developer one hour

  • Available now in English, German, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and Indonesian – more available soon

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