Our medical content process

We believe accessible, trustworthy health information can make managing health an empowering experience. That's why our Medical Knowledge Team creates original content that’s peer-reviewed, regularly updated, and easy to understand.

It's easier than ever to find health information online. But it can be difficult to find the most relevant, trustworthy, and up-to-date source. We want you to feel confident when you read the health information we publish. So we’re sharing who creates the medical content on our website, how we make sure it's trustworthy, and what makes our process different.

Who creates our medical content?

Meet the doctors, specialists, and medical experts who create our medical content. Every piece of medical content is peer-reviewed internally by at least 3 qualified medical experts.

Our medical content process

Every medical content creator completes our thorough process before their work is published. This includes research, content creation, fact-checking, peer review, and editing. We regularly update medical content with the most current information.

  • We use up-to-date medical research, leading health organizations’ guidelines, and epidemiology statistics.

  • We use language that's accessible without over-simplifying medical details.

  • We cross-check information with qualified medical experts.

  • We complete a final review for content quality and medical credibility.

Our Medical Knowledge Team regularly checks accredited medical information sources and new publications to make sure our medical content is up to date. Experienced doctors and medical safety experts in our Clinical Governance Team support medical content creation with internal supervision.

What makes our process different

  • There are no ads. We don’t publish sponsored content on our website.

  • Our content is original and created in-house. We don't syndicate content from other sources.

  • Our content connects to our symptom assessment. This helps people check their health after reading.

  • We create relevant content we know people want to learn about.

Our sources

Our content is based on clinical findings, epidemiological data, and management guidelines from trustworthy sources and peer-reviewed scientific publications. Here are a few examples.

How to use Ada

We designed Ada to provide health information and support discussions between you and your healthcare professional. Ada does not make medical diagnoses. If you're concerned about your health or have questions about medical issues, always seek advice from a healthcare professional.

In an emergency, contact your urgent care service immediately. You should never use Ada to replace your medical appointment or a healthcare professional's advice.

Our advertising policy

We don’t receive funding through on-site ads or sponsored content. We're proud to collaborate with leading health systems and global non-profit organizations.

We are and will remain autonomous and flexible in our editorial policy. Our partners don't influence the content we create or publish. 

Your feedback

If you have issues with our medical content, please get in touch so we can take action. We'll review your feedback, make any necessary improvements, and republish the updated content.