Our milestones

Ada was created by a team of doctors, scientists, and industry pioneers to bring the future of personalized health to everyone.

Jul 2020

20 million symptom assessments completed with Ada

Jun 2020

Ada grows to 10 million users

Dec 2019

Ada wins the Fastest Growing App award at the App Promotion Summit

Sep 2019

15 million symptom assessments completed with Ada

Aug 2019

Ada grows to 8 million users

Jun 2019

Ada welcomes its 200th employee

Apr 2019

Second Berlin office opens

Mar 2019

Ada grows to 6 million users

10 million symptom assessments completed with Ada

Dec 2018

Ada wins the Wirtschaftswoche 2018 award in the health category

Nov 2018

Ada wins cdgw Zukunftspreis

Oct 2018

New York office opens

Ada grows to 5 million users

Sep 2018

Ada becomes an MIT Solver and wins the AI for the Betterment of Humanity Prize & Save the Children Prize for Breakthrough Innovations for Children

Jul 2018

Ada becomes the “Hottest Health Startup 2018”

Ada grows to 4 million users

May 2018

5 million symptom assessments completed with Ada

Apr 2018

Ada wins Best Patient Platform at the Healthcare Business International Conference

Ada becomes ISO/IEC 27001 certified by TÜV Nord

Ada grows to 3 million users

4 million symptom assessments completed with Ada

Feb 2018

Awarded Best Overall Consumer Innovation 2018 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Jan 2018

Ada grows to 2 million users

Oct 2017

€40 million Series A funding

Aug 2017

Rated #1 medical app in over 130 countries in both Apple App and Google Play stores

Jul 2017

Ada wins the Frost & Sullivan Global Visionary Innovation Leadership award for the AI industry

Ada grows to 1 million users

Jun 2017

Awarded “Silver Cannes Lions Award”

Apr 2017

Featured as Best Medical App in the App Store in the US and Canada

Mar 2017

Ada is born into the Android world! Available in the Google Play Store

Jan 2017

First 100,000 users

Nov 2016

Ada is born! Available on the Apple App store


London office opens


Munich office opens


Our researchers begin building a sophisticated digital medical knowledge database

Ada founders Daniel Nathrath, Dr. Claire Novorol, and Dr. Martin Hirsch meet in Berlin